Beginning in 2006, cRonical was an initiative inviting selected artists to discuss their exhibitions in-situ with artists, curators, writers, educators and Conical members. The discussions were held at the end of the exhibition and were not open to the public (with the exception of the OSW public talk). Concurrent exhibitions (Gallery and Enclosure spaces) were often discussed together.

cRonical provided a post-script moment in which to reflect on the specifics of a project and more generally on the process of production and presentation. Continuity beyond the specific project was sought whilst providing a necessary closure to the exhibiting experience.

Discussions pre-2010 were recorded on old equipment and the sound quality is variable, with later recordings of better quality due to a new recorder. Ambient sounds are often audible evoking each exhibitions particular atmosphere. The recordings can be listened to alongside the existing archived images and texts. Headphones are recommended.

I hope these recordings support the memory of Conical’s discursive materiality and are helpful to those interested in an especially fertile period of Melbourne visual arts practice.

Thank you to David Simpkin and Christo Crocker for the work on the sound files, to Katie Lee and Sasha Innes for organising discussions and to Justine Henry for making it all work on the web site.

Adrien Allen